Frequently asked questions about rental properties

CPIM PROPERTY is at the disposal of Francophones wishing to rent a property in Phuket. Our company's aim is to help you in your search for a property and with the renting process itself. We offer a wide range of properties and know the market inside out, both of which are great advantages when it comes to finding the villa or apartment best suited to your search for a medium or long term holiday rental.

The different stages in choosing your rental property

Making contact

At this first meeting, a CPIM PROPERTY professional will listen carefully to you so as to gain a better grasp and understanding of your project, and define both your selection criteria and budget. Thanks to this information, we will be able to advise you, prepare a selection of villas or apartments for you, and agree upon a time for you to visit them. At this stage, it will be important for our team to gather the following information:
- The town or area in which you wish to live
- The length of the planned contract
- Your budget
- The date upon which you wish to move in


Depending on the criteria established during the first meeting, your CPIM PROPERTY advisor will present you with a selection of several properties which correspond to your search. On the day of the visits, your adviser will accompany you in your discovery of the properties, area and surroundings.

The rental contract

Once the villa or apartment has been chosen, our company will define the rental conditions with the owner so as draw up your contract.

Formalising the lease in order to set out your obligations and those of the owner

The following will feature amongst the rental contract's essential clauses:
- Duration of the lease agreement.
- Start date of lease agreement
. - Rent costs and arrangements for possible rent reviews.
- Security deposit amount.
- Services included in the lease.
- Inventory of the premises.
- Copy of the tenant's passport.

Once these terms have been defined, the three parties (client, agent, owner) shall meet in order to sign the rental contract.

You will be required to pay:
- The security deposit: 2 months' rent
- The first month's rent, payable in advance.

Taking out subscriptions to various services (internet, cable channels...)

CPIM PROPERTY can help you when taking out subscriptions to various services such as telephone, satellite television, internet and even cable.

Moving in

On your moving in day, your adviser, and usually the property owner, will be present so as to carry out the inventory.
Once this has taken place, we will hand the keys over to you and wish you a successful move, whilst remaining at your disposal if need be.

Some useful information about renting in Phuket

How long before you move in can you sign the contract?

In the event of a long term lease, the contract is generally signed one month before moving in. However, this time period may be extended to up to 2 months in the case of certain properties. It is also possible to sign a rental contract so that it begins upon expiry of the lease held by a tenant who is about to vacate the premises. In the event of a short term rental, you may book and pay in advance if the property is available on the desired dates.

Is the tenant liable to pay a commission or agency fees?

No, the prices indicated include the agency's commission, regulated by the owner. Our services are, therefore, free for the tenant.

How is the payment carried out?

The payment is generally carried out via bank transfer. In some cases, the payment may also be carried out using Visa or Mastercard, but please note that a supplement is possible where the latter is concerned.

What service charges are included in the rent paid?

The rent generally covers lease of the apartment, furniture (if furnished) and community charges. However, you must pay for daily running costs (electricity, water, internet, telephone...). The contract my sometimes include additional services. This may be negotiated with the owner.

On what day of the week or month do villa or condo bookings usually begin?

The majority of villas and condos have flexible changeover days, subject only to availability.

What is the required duration of the stay?

In principle, a standard contract has a minimum one year duration. In the case of short and medium term contracts, the duration of the contract may vary from 1 week to 6 months. Some owners also sometimes offer tariffs per night.

What documents are required for renting a property in Thailand?

A copy of your passport will suffice.

Are villas and apartments not more expensive than hotels?

Renting a villa or apartment offers you greater privacy and, more often than not, greater comfort and freedom than a hotel room. They generally offer better value for money. When you travel as a family or in a group, a holiday rental property is far cheaper than staying in a hotel room and having to eat out for all of your meals. If you take into account all the advantages of a private villa or apartment, you'll soon realise that holiday or long term rentals have many attractive features and will help you to budget and save money.

Is a visa necessary?

Thailand offers a 30 day visa exemption, or a visa upon arrival for the majority of countries, including France. If you intend to stay for longer than 30 days, you must request a tourist visa from a Thai embassy or consulate in your home country.

What are the check-in and check-out times?

Check-in is possible from 2pm or 3pm onwards, depending on the property, as cleaning takes place in the morning. Check-out usually takes place before 12pm, unless otherwise indicated.

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