Why buy or invest in Phuket?

Phuket - more attractive prices than in France

Many French citizens have already chosen Thailand - and very often Phuket - over the last ten years. As such, working couples who rent in Paris but who are unable to buy a property due to the escalated prices in the French capital turn to Bangkok or Phuket : they buy their dream house or apartment here (at a far more attractive price than in Paris proper), rent it out until the end of their professional career, and then take possession of it upon retirement to either live in the property or spend their holidays there. Apart from the fact that their mortgage will have been entirely paid off by the rental income achieved, they can access the property and enrich their estate, so as to pass on an inheritance to their children, for example. As the Thai property market is booming, investors are also guaranteed to make a capital gain upon resale (which is becoming less and less the case in France).

There is absolutely no need to put the property up for rent: many French households have recently purchased exceptional properties in Thailand and inhabit them as more or less permanent residents, according to their professional responsibilities for example. As such, they are owners of a second home on the sea front, which could have cost them up to 10 times less than in France, without taking into account that French taxes are reduced under this arrangement.

The legislation in force in Thailand allows you to become a home owner under specific conditions. Thus, for the purchase of an apartment in a condominium style development, you can enjoy the entire property within the limit of a quota: A maximum of 49% of the total surface area of a building may be owned by foreigners, the remaining 51% must belong to Thai nationals. This is what is known as the "Freehold".

In the framework of the purchase of a villa or house, Thai law allows you to be a buildings owner, but not the owner of a plot of land. The latter will be granted to you for a period of 30 years, twice renewable, i.e. 90 years in total , in the form of a contract. This is the "Leasehold".

Lastly, the final solution consists of setting up a Thai company with local partners.. It will suffice to incorporate the land in this company's assets so as to obtain use of it.

Phuket - Setting and quality of life

Beyond simple economic and financial reasons, investing in Thailand and in Phuket, living there, or simply retiring there, offers you a dream way of life : a mixture of Asian contentment and tranquillity, combined with the modernity of Western life.

Have you always wanted to try your hand at golf, Sir? Phuket is the ideal location to play this sport. The island has 8 golf courses, including the Red Mountain and the Phuket Country Club, all of which are of international renown. Great champions such as Tiger Woods and Ernie Els come here to perfect their swing. Do you yearn for a moment of rest and relaxation after shopping, Madam? Thailand is brimming with spas and beauty centres where orchid, lotus or local medicinal plant based treatments will bring a new youthfulness to your skin.

Your children will be able to continue their schooling with either a French or international syllabus, ideal for their open-mindedness and education. They will evolve in a cosmopolitan environment. In no time at all, they will master the language of Shakespeare, Thai, and why not even Mandarin too...great assets for their professional future.

There is no shortage of activities according to how the mood takes you: a family walk along one of the many beaches in Phuket, excursions to neighbouring wild islands, an introduction to scuba diving, or even visits to hundred-year-old Buddhist temples.

Do you love good food? You will have the choice between a multitude of restaurants: from small, typically Thai restaurants offering you delicious, spicy, authentic dishes to gastronomical restaurants on the seafront, where Michelin-starred chefs showcase their know-how by creating culinary masterpieces right in front of your very eyes, combining a treat for the eyes and for the mouth.

Lastly, at the weekend, you'll be able to sip a cocktail whilst dipping your toes into the water, or dance with your friends at one of the many beach clubs, such as the Nikki Beach or the Catch Club.

Phuket - World class healthcare

Lastly, one of Thailand's major attractions remains the quality of its healthcare. Thai hospitals, like the Bangkok International Hospital, are especially reputed and have a range of treatments world renowned treatments and a 5 star service, offering maximum comfort to their patients. They offer cutting edge technological and medical treatments, carried out by specialised surgeons whose reputation stretches far beyond the borders: dental care (implants, crowns, bridges, whitening), plastic surgery (breast implants, liposuction, botox, facial and nasal surgery…) and even treatment for heart, colon and bone conditions. Many Westerners no longer hesitate in seeking treatments in these ultra-modern, yet affordable, establishments. Once again, the CPIM THAILANDE team will be beside you during appointments with specialists and will help you with the processes. For comfort and peace of mind, we can offer you all-inclusive breaks by ensuring transport, accommodation, leisure activities and, if need be, tourist circuits for patients. Another chance for us to help you discover Thailand and Phuket, maybe with a view to returning and setting up home here!

Thailand is therefore, without doubt, a country of the future for French investors wishing to open up their horizons, diversify their investments...and take thing easy with a place in the sun! Would you like to buy in Phuket? Invest for your retirement? Do you have a specific property project or dream in mind? The CPIM THAILANDE team offers you the best properties in Thailand and Phuket. Our services include the purchase and rental of new and older properties, apartments, villas and houses. Moreover, you can count on our collaborators to accompany you throughout your property project.
So, don't hesitate to contact our team who will take great pleasure in answering all of your questions.